Worlds 2020 Finals to have free seats for 6,312 attendees at the Pudong Stadium

Only major offline sports event in China of 2020.

Worlds 2020 Finals to have free seats for 6,312 attendees at the Pudong Stadium
Image Credits: 2017 © Shanghai SIPG FC

LPL has revealed on Weibo that the 2020 edition of the Worlds finale which is bound to happen on Oct. 31st will be held offline with an audience of 6312 attendees at the Pudong Football Stadium of Shanghai.

The post was translated to English by an LPL journalist Ran which reads, “Worlds hosting this year has been extremely complicated due to covid19, it is greatly appreciated that Riot made this year’s worlds happen,”. “For finals, under clear instructions from local government, there will be 6,312 tickets for the audiences to grab, through a lottery program designed by Riot themselves.”

To obtain a seat for the finals of the Worlds one needs to enter a lottery which will happen from Oct. 12th to Oct. 14th. For the eligibility of entering, the fan must have a Chinese phone number and a level 30 account on League of Legends. Once selected, a deposit needs to be paid that will be completely refunded. There will be no ticket - just a list with the ID’s of the selected ones. Also, a face recognition system will be incorporated at the venue to prevent the spots from being sold.

Pudong Football Stadium is situated in the City of Shangai. Riot will be working closely with the city council and implementing social distancing and sanitary measures to ensure safety against COVID-19. Everyone entering the venue will go through a temperature check.

Last year the event had a massive audience of over 33,000 and this year bringing it down to only 6,312. Considering we are in pandemic, props to Riot to make it happen in the first place.