VALORANT map Breeze trailer leaked online

Episode 2 Act 3 will be packing a punch.

VALORANT map Breeze trailer leaked online
Image Credits: Screengrab via Valorant Leaks

Riot Games have been teasing the upcoming map for a while, only last week Esportz gathered all the hints that have been scattered by the developer across the VALORANT universe.

Yesterday, the official Twitter account of VALORANT released a few pleasing tropical images engraved with the words "visit Breeze", giving a confirmation of the name to this new map.

Breeze is the sixth map that will be making into the game with the new Act. The last map Riot Games introduced was Icebox in October 2020.

However, data miner Valorant Leaks seems to have gained access to retrieve a trailer of the upcoming map revealing more details to it.

The visuals reveal that the map features a handful of long spaces which would be a plus for all the operator pickers. Both the bomb sites are shown and interestingly one of them has two small pyramid-like structures surrounded by water.

There's no precise date given by the developers when all the fans will be witnessing it within the game. Although, one can presume that Breeze will be coming with the Episode 2 Act 3 update which is lined in for 27th April 2021.