Fall Guys set foot into esports with Twitch Rivals announcement

Fall Guys set foot into esports with Twitch Rivals announcement
Image Credits: Mediatonic Games & Devolver Digital

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, officially set foot into esports with Twitch Rivals: Fall Guys Friday's tournament announcement!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is a battle royale game developed by Mediatonic games and published by Devolver Digital, wherein 60 players strive to survive in a challenging playfield consisting of various obstacles, maps and modes. This game drew inspiration from Takeshi’s Castle & It’s a Knockout series. Jelly-bean like characters and the challenging hurdles makes the game a lot more fun.

Fall Guys is relatively a new game in the market published on 4th August on various platforms. Fall Guys has no doubt taken over the internet. With famous streamer and influencers playing this game and enjoying it, Fall Guys has generated quite a lot of heat!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout it not necessarily esports ready yet but has the potential to become an astonishing one. Twitch with this announcement has made an exciting judgement and introduced the first-ever Fall Guys tournament consisting of eighty-plus famous streamers and influencers.

Twitch Rivals: Fall Guys Fridays Date & Format

Fall Guys Friday will commence on 28th of August (Friday). Eighty famous streamers and influencers will participate in this tournament and create a squad consisting of four players each. A total of twenty teams will compete in best of ten Fall Guys games. Ten games will be segmented into six regulation games and four knockout games.

Points per squad will depend on the number of players qualifying for the next round!

Twitch Rivals: Fall Guys Fridays Prize pool

This tournament will have a cumulative prize pool of $50,000. Here’s the prize pool distribution:

1st place - $7,000

2nd place - $4,000

3rd place to 5th place - $3,000

6th place to 10th place - $2,500

11th place to 15th place - $2,000

15th place to 20th place - $1,500

Fans around the world are excited to see how this tournament will pan out as this is Fall Guys golden ticket to the esports industry.