Twitch reveals a new tool ‘Versus’ for Tournament Organizers

Versus will make things easy for tournament organizers having nifty features at their fingertips

Twitch reveals a new tool ‘Versus’ for Tournament Organizers
Image Credits: Twitch

The new tool will help user create, manage and livestream their own esports tournament on the go. Although, the tool is currently in its beta phase and is likely to stay there “over the coming months”.

“The next wave of professional esports players are out there right now, hustling to rise to the next level,” wrote in a release. “We understand not all competition organizers have the tools or resources needed to host esports tournaments and it’s important to us to ensure we’re empowering organizers and players of all sizes and skill levels.”

Versus lets a user add custom landing page for an event, player registration forms and competition brackets as well. Twitch didn’t showcased the product fully but it is very likely organisers will be able to carry out normal tasks such as looping in sportscasters and swapping player POV on participants playing in the tournament.