TSM FTX to return with a CS:GO roster after six years in 2023

The organisation is already in discussions with top CS:GO tournament organisers like BLAST and ESL Gaming.

TSM FTX to return with a CS:GO roster after six years in 2023
Image Credits: TSM FTX

The North American esports powerhouse TSM FTX has announced via social media that the organisation would return to CS:GO with a focus on a European Squad in the coming year. In addition to forming the new team, Dominic Kallas, vice president of esports at TSM FTX, disclosed that they are already in discussions to partner with renowned CS:GO event organisers like ESL and BLAST.

The team last participated in CS:GO in January 2017 with a North American squad, more than 5 years ago. Since then, TSM has taken a break from the game and is now getting ready to come back with a European roster.

The new roster of TSM FTX CS:GO wouldn't be any of the top 5 rosters, instead, the organisation will “spend a major period of time in Europe, trying and dealing with an area GM to assist construct a roster and infrastructure obligatory for this workforce to succeed.

There isn't a confirmed roster as of yet because of their grassroots strategy. Only that TSM will return to CSGO in 2023 and that they intend to participate in the greatest events the game has to offer are the only things we currently know about them.