TSM FTX reportedly entering Free Fire with Indian roster

Second mobile roster of TSM FTX might be a reality.

TSM FTX reportedly entering Free Fire with Indian roster
Image Credits: TSM FTX (Twitter)

The North American organisation TSM FTX could've acquired an Indian Free Fire roster called Sixth Sense, according to a report by Sportskeeda.

The source reveals a leaked photo that depicts Sixth Sense players and logo with the squad name "TSM FTX." At the time of writing, we looked through the official website but couldn't locate any evidence of TSM FTX.

(Image Credits: Screengrab from official Free Fire website / Via Sportskeeda)

TSM already has a foothold in India, having entered the nation early last year through a collaboration with Entity, an Indian organisation, to establish "TSM Entity" in PUBG Mobile. Free Fire Esports is already setting new bars for viewership in esports and TSM FTX is aware of it. 

At the beginning of this month, Andy Dinh, CEO of TSM FTX, showed interest in Mobile Gaming and mentioned considering expansion. Even the TSM FTX agreement disclosed that the funds will be utilized for mobile rosters across Asia.

Sixth Sense Free Fire Roster:

  • Indranil "FABINDRO" Saha
  • Sagar "ILUMINATI" Patel
  • Jayesh "Mr.JAYYT" Yadav
  • Titas "STONER" Roy
  • Naitik "OLDMONK" Khosto

This is one of the strongest lineups; they have proven themselves by placing eight in FFIC 2021, fourth in Free Fire Open, and winning Free Fire Tri-Series lately.