Topson confirms his comeback to competitive DotA for TI11, but not with OG

The two-time TI winner will always be a part of the OG family.

Topson confirms his comeback to competitive DotA for TI11, but not with OG
Image Credits: Screengrab via OG Esports (YouTube)

Topson, the moniker has a distinct meaning for each DotA 2 enthusiast. When he was added to the OG DotA 2 squad by N0tail in 2018, OG progressed from open qualifications to winning their first International (TI8). Moving on, OG, with Topson spearheading their midlane, became the only organization to win The International twice (TI9). The roster attempted but failed to complete their Three-Peat at The International 10, thus Topson went on sabbatical, and today is the day we have some firm news on returning of the pro.

Although, OG fans might feel a little different about this.

Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen is the subject of OG's most recent documentary, which was posted on their YouTube page and has all the information you need to know about him.

After TI10, Topson relocated to Malaysia, and the pro struggled with adjusting to DotA because of how different it is in SEA, where everyone plays for themselves, whereas he comes from a team setting. He suffered significant MMR loss, but over time he was able to adapt to a different playing style, and now that he can sense the fire burning within him, topson is ready to compete.

Furthermore, the pro divulges information regarding from which region he will be competing. "I'm looking for a new team and I want to compete from Europe because it is definitely the strongest region out there," said Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen.

When asked how it will feel seeing Topson on a new jersey, JMR Luna, CEO of OG, answered: "Of course, it's gonna hurt. The first day you're gonna see him wearing a different jersey, it is going to hurt. But he has given us four or five years of his life and when somebody does that without asking anything in return. All you can do is support them until the end."

Topson will always be a member of the OG family, and no matter where he plays or ends up, he will ultimately find his way back to OG, the documentary declares at its conclusion.