Top three Social Networks for Gamers

Best possible way to connect with like-minded people.

Top three Social Networks for Gamers
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Top picks for Gamers to socialise and meet like-minded people. We at have segregated and given rankings below.

1. Reddit

The first one to take the top spot is none other than Reddit itself. Many of us are already familiar with Reddit but those who aren’t, Reddit is nothing but a hub of collection where multiple independent communities are hosted at a single place. The independent communities are called subreddits.

You don’t have to be any special, just absolutely could use it with a simply registering an account. The community is all user-driven and is managed by moderations assigned to every subreddit.

Few of the popular games might have multiple subreddits for various purposes. For instance, let’s consider the Riot’s popular FPS game VALORANT. There’s a main r/VALORANT for all the general stuff like game patches, bugs, memes, discussion etc whereas there’s r/ValorantCompetitive to be updated with competitive news like tournaments, roster changes and so.

Reddit seems a go-to choice for every gamer, finding and connecting with people of your choice. All it takes to find yourself a subreddit, where you’d want to belong.

2. Discord

Discord is another app which has become immensely popular within only three years, thanks to group chat friendly design of Slack while adding features such as text, modern voice and video calling. Not to forget, for plenty of gamers already, it's a go-to app for communication with other gamers while playing their favourite games.

Discord is very simple, it has servers made by people and there’s no limit on joining one, a discord user can join a server of his/her choice. Within the server, there are chat channels and voice channels, which are chat rooms but users can connect over voice.

Joining a server usually has the same mindset people, just like yours and the reason why you chose to join that particular server. Discord is probably one of the best ways to connect into a community and make new friends who are aboard the same plane.

Discord also has a mobile app which makes it easy to use the app from wherever you like.

3. Steam

One would have already used Steam to purchase and play your favourite game on the computer and sees like it is a game hosting platform. What you might not know is that Steam also has a Community Hub where users can take part in discussions created by other users, share relevant pictures, even write guides for your favourite game and more.

You can choose to add a friend from the community thread or the friend you just met while playing your favourite game. Once you're connected, you can do a few things such as leaving comments on each other's profile, create private or public groups, instant messaging and even voice chat.

Honourable Mentions:

Twitch - Amazon’s streaming platform even got more popular this pandemic with multiple Football Superstars getting to stream and whatnot. Twitch lets users stream their gaming sessions in-real time, also allowing others to watch you. Twitch is not just a streaming platform but it also lets one add friends, send whispers and follow streamers. Many streamers add a link to their Discord servers, so you stay connected to the particular identity as well. It is not exactly a social network but makes it easier to connect with people and it is only the beginning.

PSN and Xbox Live: Both of them are helpful for console gamers having communities of their own. They also allow adding friends, exchanging messages and so. However, they lack plenty of other features. Things might be different soon but we are sure with our top three mentioned above for the time being.