Top Battle Royale Esports of 2023

Discover the most popular Battle Royale esports of 2023, from PUBG Mobile's global dominance to the regional success of Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Top Battle Royale Esports of 2023
Image Credits: Tencent

Battle Royale esports are historically known to attract the most views. Not only are they long-lasting events but the exciting moments are long and frequent which keeps the viewers hooked. While there are a plethora of Battle Royale games out there, only a few managed to be the standout ones among gamers.


Said Battle Royales were around for a long time and have grown into some of the biggest esports titles in the world. While they managed to be unique in their way, the fundamentals remained the same which attracted so many players to them. Here are the most popular Battle Royale Esports of 2023.




No surprises here, PUBG Mobile has remained the hottest mobile game for years despite having setbacks in the past. The developers managed to shrink the experience of a demanding PC game into a device that fits in your pockets and it has been an instant hit. PUBG Mobile recorded a total of 134.7 hours watched across all tournaments with PMGB 2023 alone account for 31 million of them. This marks another excellent year for the mobile game as they head into 2024 with tons of momentum behind their back.


Apex Legends


While Apex Legends does not have the geographical reach of many other esports titles, it has a legion of loyal followers who keep track of everything that's going on. Apex Legends has always been a fast-paced action-packed game and it's no secret that it pulls tons of views. With a total of 59.35 million hours watched ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs has managed 10 million of those hours.




Much like Apex Legends, Fortnite is also known for its fast-paced action-packed gameplay but with its building feature on top, that game makes up for something even more exciting. Fortnite’s fanbase has been mostly regionalised within North America but that did not stop EPIC Games from taking it to the top with 51.92 million hours watched across all events and FNCS 2023 Global Championships pulling 5 million of them.


Free Fire


The only game in the mobile space that offers some competition to PUBGM. While the numbers are far from what PUBGM boasts the game has been very popular in the mobile gaming space. Free Fire is known to host a crazy number of tournaments with massive prize pools and managed to pull 37.5 million hours of watch time with Liga Brasileira pulling 7.6 million hours of watchtime alone.




PUBG has been recognised as the OG of the Battle Royale scene. The game came in long before some of the relevant esports of today and managed to be one of the most dominant players despite the game going through rough patches. It garnered over 29.75 million watch hours with the PUBG Global Championship pulling 7.1 million hours of watch time, crazy for a game we all wrote off heading into 2023.


As we reflect on the year, it's clear that Battle Royale esports continue to captivate and entertain a global audience. Each game, with its unique features and dedicated player base, contributes to the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of esports.