Tommy 'Taiga' Le Announces Retirement from Dota 2 to Become Full-Time Streamer

Dota 2 legend Tommy 'Taiga' Le transitions to full-time streaming and coaching after a storied career with Team Liquid, OG, and Alliance, and opens up about overcoming his gambling addiction.

Tommy 'Taiga' Le Announces Retirement from Dota 2 to Become Full-Time Streamer
Image Credits: ESL

Tommy "Taiga" Le's decision to retire from the competitive scene of Dota 2 and transition into a full-time streaming and coaching career marks a significant pivot in the life of an esports professional whose journey has been as inspiring as it has been tumultuous. Known for his tenure with esports powerhouses such as Team Liquid, OG, and Alliance, Taiga's legacy in the Dota 2 community is indelible, characterized by his strategic genius on the battlefield and his resilience off it.


The announcement of Taiga's retirement comes on the heels of his brief engagement with Bleed Esports in the Southeast Asian region, a stint that lasted a mere month before his departure in December. This move to step back from professional play signals not just the end of an era but the beginning of a promising new chapter in Taiga's life, one focused on connecting with fans and aspiring Dota 2 players through platforms like Twitch,, and


Here, he aims to share his wealth of experience and insights into the game, alongside offering personalized coaching sessions to those looking to enhance their skills.


Taiga's professional journey is nothing short of legendary, with a series of remarkable achievements that underline his prowess and commitment to Dota 2. His portfolio boasts multiple first-place finishes in Tier 1 tournaments, including prestigious events like ESL One Germany 2020, ESL One Stockholm Major 2022, and ESL One Malaysia 2022. Furthermore, his Top 8 finish at The International 2022 cements his status as a top-tier competitor in the esports domain.


Beyond his tournament victories, Taiga's contributions to the Dota 2 community have been groundbreaking. He made history as the first Norwegian player to compete at The International in 2019 with Alliance and later, in 2022, became the first Norwegian to win a Dota Pro Circuit Major with OG at ESL Stockholm 2022. These milestones not only highlight his talent but also his role in elevating Norwegian representation in the global Dota 2 scene.


Perhaps one of the most poignant aspects of Taiga's career has been his openness about his struggle with gambling addiction. In a candid revelation in October 2023, he shared the challenges he faced due to this addiction, which began after The International 2022. The addiction not only threatened his passion and financial stability but also impacted his relationships and self-perception.


Through therapy and a dedicated period of reflection and recovery, Taiga has been working towards healing, showcasing a level of vulnerability and resilience that resonates deeply with fans and onlookers alike.