Thorin reveals CEO of Astralis is the owner of HLTV

Astralis CEO Jesper Søgaard owns one of the top CS:GO website in the world.

Thorin reveals CEO of Astralis is the owner of HLTV
Image Credits: Astralis Group/HLTV

HLTV was acquired by Better Collective earlier this year in February for €34.5 million which is one of Jesper Søgaard’s company. At the time of the acquisition, neither of the two sides mentioned Jesper also has a stake in the most dominant team of CS:GO, Astralis - reveals Duncan “Thorin” Shields, the British esports journalist. 

This news has taken a majority of the fans to be upset because it’s been half a year since the acquisition happened and yet the connection with Astralis wasn’t made official. In the meantime, journalists of HLTV covered the transition of Astralis into 6-man-roster, the rise of them and stating them the best team. Fans are sceptical that the ranking might be biased.

Thorin also states that Danish media doesn’t cover stories like this because Astralis gives them exclusive information. Neither Astralis Group nor HLTV has commented on this yet, this story is likely to develop in the coming days.