Is The Outlast Trials Available on Xbox Game Pass?

A Glimpse into The Legacy and Availability of The Outlast Trials for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Is The Outlast Trials Available on Xbox Game Pass?
Image Credits: Red Barrel

Horror fans alike have been eagerly anticipating the release of The Outlast Trials. As the third installment in the critically acclaimed Outlast series, this game offers a chilling prequel experience set against the backdrop of Cold War experiments. With the option to brave the horrors alone or with friends, the question on many gamers' minds is: Can you play The Outlast Trials on Xbox Game Pass?


Before diving into the specifics of The Outlast Trials' availability on Xbox Game Pass, let's take a moment to appreciate the legacy of the Outlast series. Known for its heart-pounding horror and immersive gameplay, the Outlast franchise has carved a niche for itself among horror gaming aficionados. The latest entry, The Outlast Trials, invites players to a sinister world of survival and fear, expanding on the lore of its predecessors with a gripping narrative set during the Cold War.


Xbox Game Pass has become a haven for gamers looking to explore a vast library of titles at a fraction of the cost. Microsoft's subscription service offers an impressive selection of games across various genres, making it a sought-after option for many. However, when it comes to The Outlast Trials, the situation is a bit different.


Unfortunately, The Outlast Trials has not made its way to Xbox Game Pass. This means that subscribers to the service won't find this latest horror sensation in their library of accessible games.


Despite its absence from Xbox Game Pass, The Outlast Trials is available for purchase on several platforms. Whether you're a PC enthusiast, a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 owner, or you prefer gaming on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, you can get your hands on this thrilling title by buying a copy.