Tencent Develops Mobile Version of 'Elden Ring' Amid Monetization Challenges

Tencent is adapting the acclaimed 'Elden Ring' for mobile platforms, aiming for a free-to-play model. Facing slow progress and monetization challenges, the project reflects Tencent's strategy amidst gaming market changes.

Tencent Develops Mobile Version of 'Elden Ring' Amid Monetization Challenges
Image Credits: FromSoftware

Rumors of a mobile version of Elden Ring have made the fans excited. Tencent is reportedly spearheading this project. The news comes shortly after Tencent acquired a substantial stake in FromSoftware, hinting at big plans for the franchise.


Elden Ring's dark, intricate world and precise combat system seem unlikely to fit mobile platforms. The game's complex mechanics and demanding boss fights raise questions about how well they can transition to touchscreen controls.


Despite these concerns, Tencent's vision draws inspiration from successful mobile titles like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, potentially incorporating similar monetization strategies, such as in-app purchases.


While the prospect of a mobile Elden Ring intrigues many, fans remain cautious. The game's demanding nature and depth could be challenging to replicate on smaller screens.


Moreover, there's speculation about whether this mobile adaptation will be a direct port or a new game drawing from the original's assets and themes.