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Natus Vincere Secures Second Counter-Strike Major Victory...

Aleksib Leads NAVI to Historic Counter-Strike Major Win Against FaZe Clan.


GameSquare Acquires FaZe Clan

GameSquare and FaZe Clan's Strategic Union to Innovate Gaming and Media Worlds


Twistzz officially departs FaZe Clan

Twistzz, renowned for his skill in Counter-Strike 2, departs FaZe Clan after a year of historic wins, including a second Grand Slam,...


FaZe Clan welcomes Snoop Dogg as a Board Member and Content...

The hip-hop artist will be representing the brand as FaZe Snoop.


CS:GO: Twistzz officially join Faze Clan

He is likely to replace Kjaerbye within the roster.


FaZe Clan Announce Among Us In-vent-Ational Event

After successfully executing Faze Clan Valorant Invitational, FaZe is back with an Among Us iteration


Star Kid Bronny James Joins FaZe Clan As A Content Creator

Lebron James Jr. Bronny joins Faze Clan and will create content around his favourite games namely - Fortnite, COD:Warzone & NBA 2K