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Natus Vincere Secures Second Counter-Strike Major Victory...

Aleksib Leads NAVI to Historic Counter-Strike Major Win Against FaZe Clan.


Cloud9 Triumphs Financially Amidst 2023 Esports Challenges

In a challenging year for esports, Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne announces the organization's profitability in 2023, overcoming industry-wide...


Cloud9 bids Goodbye to sh1ro

Dmitry 'sh1ro' Sokolov's finally departs from Cloud9. Check out the impact of his 20-month tenure, and achievements with Cloud9.


Cloud9 Signs Three Times Chess National Champion Andrew...

Cloud9 joins TSM and recruit Chess Grandmaster penguingm1 who will now represent Cloud9 in competitive chess tournaments.


Cloud9 to drop their current CS:GO roster

The organisation is going to give another try to completely rebuild their CS:GO roster.


Cloud9 Is Not Going To The League of Legends: World Championship

Cloud9 to miss League of Legends World Championship after a loss against TSM.