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Sponsorship & Partnership

Astralis enters into new commercial partnership with :Dribe

The first significant cooperative endeavour was established when Dribe supplied transportation for Astralis' extensive fan tour in...


Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz returns to Astralis' CS:GO roster

Dev1ce is back with the team that he won four majors with.

Sponsorship & Partnership

Astralis and Roobet in new Commercial Partnership

Besides logo exposure, the two-year deal includes digital activation and campaigns to be rolled out over the contract period.

Sponsorship & Partnership

Astralis and HP extend partnership

This is the fourth time, both brands have extended the partnership.


Astralis signs Th0masHD to enter Fortnite

Th0masHD will make this Astralis debut this weekend.


Astralis signs “k0nfig”, “blameF” and adds “ave” as new...

Zonic, Dupreeh, and magisk to leave when their contract expires in January.


Astralis gla1ve | In Conversation with one of the Greatest...

Lukas gla1ve Rossander is viewed as one of the most brilliant minds in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history. Under his leadership,...


Astralis and Gla1ve extend contract for 3 years

The contract lasts until Summer, 2024 as of now.


CS:GO: Astralis to kick-off IEM Katowice with a 7-man roster

If needed, Astralis will not hesitate to bring him on the server.


A new viewership record for online CS:GO has been set by...

BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 is the most popular CS:GO online event.