T1 reveals 2021 Overwatch roster

T1 has summed up a powerful all-in-all roster.

T1 reveals 2021 Overwatch roster
Image Credits: T1

T1 has announced the acquisition of 7 players that will be fielding under the banner for upcoming Overwatch Contenders Korea season of 2021. The seven players are - MN3, Kadalis, Clestyn, Zest, Unique, Belosrea and Krillin

Only because it is T1, the wealthy organisation could afford such a high talented and populated Tier 2 team.

Two players, Zest and Kadalis come from Oz Gaming, the team that shined right from the inception at Contenders in the last year. 

Krillin and Clestyn are former players of London Spitfire while Unique and MN3 make their way in from Element Mystic. The final piece of the stack is Belosrea who last played for Like This Player.

With the players, T1 has also brought in former Overwatch League players Roky and Chara as coaches. 

The next season of Contenders isn't announced yet as of now but when it does, T1 is a team likely to look out for.