South Asia to have Its Own VCT Game Changers Circuit in 2024

Riot Games announces the launch of the VCT Game Changers circuit in South Asia for 2024, aiming to provide a competitive platform for women and marginalised genders in the VALORANT esports community.

South Asia to have Its Own VCT Game Changers Circuit in 2024
Image Credits: Riot Games

2024 marks a significant milestone in the world of esports, particularly for the South Asian region.  As Reported by TheSpike.GG, after a string of successful events, including the NODWIN Challengers League and the international OFF//SEASON event Convergence, Riot Games has announced the launch of the VCT Game Changers Circuit in South Asia.

This initiative not only underscores Riot's commitment to expanding the VALORANT community in South Asia but also paves the way for inclusive esports, catering to women and marginalised genders.

Sukamal Pegu, the Esports Head of India and South Asia, revealed in an exclusive interview with THESPIKE.GG that the Game Changers Circuit is set to debut in South Asia. This announcement comes as a beacon of hope and excitement for the region's players and fans, promising a platform where talent from marginalized communities can shine in the competitive arena of VALORANT​.

This move places South Asia in alignment with other leading regions, demonstrating a global shift towards creating equal opportunities for all in the world of gaming.

Alongside the excitement of the new circuit, there's a keen focus on addressing challenges faced by teams in tier 2 and Challenger Leagues. Riot Games' plans for 2024 include strategies to enhance the competitive experience for these teams, ensuring a robust and vibrant esports ecosystem in South Asia​​.