SkRossi Highlights Career Sustainability Challenges in Esports

Indian Valorant player SkRossi addresses the often-overlooked aspect of career longevity in esports, emphasizing the need for a balanced, sustainable approach for players.

SkRossi Highlights Career Sustainability Challenges in Esports
Image Credits: Screengrab via SKRossi (Instagram)

Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar, a renowned figure in the Indian Valorant scene, recently brought to light a significant yet often overlooked aspect of esports: the long-term sustainability of a player's career. This topic is crucial, especially in the rapidly evolving world of esports, where career longevity is a pressing concern for many players.
The issue of career sustainability in esports goes beyond the glitz and glamour of competitive gaming. SkRossi emphasizes that the challenges faced by players, particularly in the Indian gaming community, require a realistic approach to secure their future beyond the esports arena.

Samaksh "Sharkai" Kundan, a retired professional Valorant player, advises up-and-coming esports athletes to maintain a balance between their gaming pursuits and academic studies. This advice stems from the stark reality of the esports scene in India, which presents a challenging environment for professional gamers. The majority of players will eventually transition to the corporate world, making it essential to have a solid educational foundation.

A critical observation by SkRossi addresses the narrow focus on the salaries of professional esports players. He points out that the conversation often misses out on the crucial aspect of what happens after a player's esports career ends. Given the typically short duration of such careers, it's vital to plan for life beyond esports.
SkRossi's perspective on the need for players to diversify their skills is particularly striking. He argues that dedicating 10-12 hours daily to gaming, especially in India, should not be for minimal financial returns. Players should, therefore, look beyond their esports careers and develop a range of skills to ensure financial stability in the long run.

A novel approach suggested by SkRossi is the creation of a symbiotic relationship between esports players and the organizations they represent. He believes that players should actively contribute to their organizations' revenue generation, going beyond just playing and winning tournaments. This mutually beneficial relationship can provide a more sustainable financial model for both parties and encourage players to explore additional income avenues beyond their salaries.