Shroud returns to Twitch with hefty numbers

Shroud returns to Twitch with hefty numbers
Shroud Twitch

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, a name that needs no introduction to the streaming world announced about two days ago “I’m coming home”, to his former home Twitch. 

The name “Shroud” is one of the biggest names existing in the Twitch universe. Although, Shroud decided to leave Twitch in order to move to Microsoft's streaming platform Mixer which closed down only a few days ago on the 22nd of July. Once again, after Mixer’s shut down, streamers of that platform are on a run to find a new home for themselves and that's where Shroud found his own as well. 

Apparently, Shroud’s new home is his former home where it all started for him and now he has returned signing an exclusive deal with the platform. Shroud had announced he will be going live on his first stream since his return on 12th of August, 11 AM PST. 

Fast-forwarding to the first live stream, almost 500,000 of his fans were already waiting to welcome the legend back to his roots before the stream even officially started and just past few hours after the stream began at around 2:50 PM ET within the first hour itself Shroud’s active viewers count crossed the half-million mark. 

Shroud posted a picture of his first-stream stats earlier today on his Twitter account labelling it as “I pictured an epic return... not quite like this though <3”. Honestly, glancing at the stats, they are nothing but insane numbers. 

For a fact, Shroud takes the praise for about 80% of the viewership of Riot’s Valorant, the same game that he started on his first stream after return.