Shopify Rebellion Triumphs in Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023

THe finale went through all five maps.

Shopify Rebellion Triumphs in Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023
Image Credits: Adela Sznajder via Riot Games

Shopify Rebellion, an all-woman superteam, emerged as the champions, showcasing their extraordinary prowess in a nail-biting best-of-five series against Team Liquid Brazil. This victory marked their first-ever win at the VCT Game Changers Championship, a tournament celebrating the talent and competitive spirit of women in esports.


A Detailed Breakdown of the Championship Series


Map Selections and Initial Struggles


Shopify Rebellion, being a higher seed in the tournament, had the advantage in map selections. They kicked off the series with their picks, Haven and Breeze, while Team Liquid Brazil selected Lotus and Sunset. The decider map was set to be Ascent​​.


Map 1: Haven


The series started with Haven, where Team Liquid initially took the lead. However, Shopify Rebellion, undeterred by the early setbacks, clawed their way back into the game, pushing the first map into an intense overtime before finally claiming victory​​.


Map 2: Lotus


On Lotus, Shopify Rebellion initiated an aggressive strategy, taking an early lead. However, Team Liquid Brazil, fueled by the energy of their home crowd, made a remarkable comeback to win the map with a close score of 13-11​​.


Map 3: Breeze


Shopify Rebellion displayed their comfort and skill on Breeze, dominating the first half and eventually securing the map with a convincing 13-5 score, bringing them to a series point​​.


Map 4: Sunset


In a dramatic turn of events on Sunset, Team Liquid Brazil replicated Shopify Rebellion's dominance from Breeze, ending the first half strongly and ultimately tying the series 2-2 with a 13-7 victory​​.


Decider on Ascent


The final map, Ascent, proved to be the most thrilling of the series. Shopify Rebellion won the initial pistol round, but Team Liquid Brazil, led by the impressive plays of Joojina, fought back fiercely. The first half ended in a deadlock at 6-6. However, the momentum shifted drastically in the second half as Shopify Rebellion fortified their defense, stopping Team Liquid Brazil in their tracks and clinching the map and the championship with a final score of 13-6​​.


Key Players and Performances


Florescent, a rising star in the international esports scene, was awarded the finals MVP for her remarkable performance, tallying 112 kills over the five-map set, a new record for the most kills in a single LAN series in Valorant Game Changers history​​​​. This achievement, along with the team's overall performance, cements Shopify Rebellion's place in esports history as one of the most formidable teams in the Game Changers circuit.


The championship not only highlighted the intense competition and skill level in women's esports but also underscored the growing popularity and recognition of Valorant as a major title in the esports world. The event, featuring a total prize pool of $500,000, was a testament to the increasing investment and interest in diversifying the esports landscape, offering a platform for women to showcase their talents at the highest level of competitive gaming​​.