Sentinels vs. Paper Rex: Who Won the Valorant Bundle Battle?

Find out which team had the top-selling Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) bundle. Sentinels and Paper Rex duke it out, but only one comes out on top.

Sentinels vs. Paper Rex: Who Won the Valorant Bundle Battle?
Image Credits: Via Valorant Wiki

Riot Games recently dropped some interesting stats: Paper Rex, the second-seed team from the Pacific region, snatched the title of highest-selling Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) cosmetic bundle. This win came as a surprise, even topping the aggressive marketing efforts of crowd favorites Sentinels.

The VCT bundle challenge gave each team creative control over their unique in-game designs (think player cards, sprays, gun buddies, and a Classic skin). While this began as friendly competition, Sentinels took things up a notch. Their new star player, Zellsis, actively promoted the bundle across social platforms. They even dedicated a billboard to the cause and waved their promotional flag proudly at Masters Madrid.

Despite these impressive efforts, Paper Rex ultimately took the crown. During a press conference, Leo Faria stated, "Paper Rex reigns supreme with the most popular capsule worldwide, followed closely by Sentinels with their impressive sales. We can probably credit Zellsis' hard work for that."

The two teams battled it out in a thrilling lower bracket final at Masters Madrid, where Sentinels emerged victorious. However, even their win on the battlefield couldn't secure them the top spot in the bundle rankings.

Valorant content creator Kyedae summed it up well, "Zellsis, we can't let this slide."

Interestingly, Paper Rex's creative director confirmed the top bundle rankings were determined by the number of bundles actually equipped in-game. So, while Sentinels might have sold a significant number of bundles, theirs may not be the most actively used.