ScoutOP and DrDisRespect to team up and stream PUBG PC on YouTube!

Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers in the world and people like him for his entertaining gameplay. Dr Disrespect is best known for battle royale games such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, H1Z1 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.


On 26th June 2020, Dr Disrespect was banned from twitch for unexplained reasons and his channel was removed from the site. He returned to streaming on 7th August 2020 on YouTube with a total peak of more than 510,000 live viewers and ever since he has taken the platform by storm.

On the other hand, Sc0utOP is a professional Indian esports player for PUBG mobile and a famous live streamer as well. Last week Scout made a new record of achieving 358,000 live viewers in India while a crate opening for M416 glacier skin. This was noticed by YouTube around the world and helped scout gain international exposure.

Ryan watt, head of YouTube gaming twitted mentioning some top streamers across the world

This tweet might be the reason of how Dr disrespect discovered scout.

Last night Dr Disrespect announced on his stream, that we will be playing PUBG PC with scout on Friday, he even said he is ready to play even right now.

 Scout was also live streaming at that point and was amused to hear the same which got him excited and nervous at the same time. Scout said it is a fanboy moment for him as he is watching Dr from his childhood and he needs some time for practicing pc games and will be playing with Dr Disrespect on Friday.  In the meanwhile, the audience went berserk and started spamming on scouts and Dr’s stream, Scout hates spammers and lost his cool on stream. Even Dr disrespect said he doesn’t like spammers. Scout repeatedly requested not to spam and turned off the stream in the next few minutes.

 Two people who are considered as legends in the streaming scenario, coming from different locations of the world. This is one of the hottest collabs of all times. It will be interesting to see what Friday has to offer.