Respawn Addresses Apex Legends Security Breach During ALGS Finals

A Closer Look at the Hacking Incident and Respawn's Comprehensive Measures

Respawn Addresses Apex Legends Security Breach During ALGS Finals
Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Recently, the Apex Legends community was rocked by a significant security breach, prompting a swift and comprehensive response from Respawn Entertainment. This article delves into the details of the incident, Respawn's reaction, and the implications for the future of Apex Legends' security measures.


The incident in question involved a sophisticated hacking attack during the North American Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) regional finals. Notably, professional players from teams DarkZero and TSM were targeted, leading to widespread concern within the Apex Legends community and beyond. The hack, attributed to an entity known as "Destroyer2009," disrupted the competitive integrity of the event and raised questions about the security of professional players' accounts.


In response to the incident, Respawn Entertainment took immediate action to address the security breach and reassure the Apex Legends community. Their statement highlighted several key points:

Respawn paused the ALGS event to address the security issue promptly. The developer has initiated the first in a series of security updates aimed at bolstering the protection of player accounts and ensuring a secure gaming experience.


Respawn's senior design director, Evan Nikolich, emphasized that game and player security are top priorities for the team. This response underscores Respawn's dedication to maintaining a safe and fair gaming environment for all Apex Legends players.