PMGC 2024 United Kingdom Announces a Whopping $3 Million Prize Pool

PMGC 2024 UK Elevates Mobile Esports with Record Prize Pool

PMGC 2024 United Kingdom Announces a Whopping $3 Million Prize Pool
Image Credits: Tencent

The 2024 PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) is set to be a groundbreaking event in the esports world. For the first time, the United Kingdom will host a major PUBG Mobile event, marking a significant moment in Western Europe's esports history.

This highly anticipated championship, scheduled for December 2024, boasts an impressive $3 million prize pool, drawing attention from gaming enthusiasts and competitors globally.

A Global Showcase of Talent and Skill PUBG Mobile Esports celebrates this announcement as a milestone, bringing together top-tier teams from around the world. These teams will compete in a fierce battle of strategy, skill, and endurance, aiming to clinch the prestigious title of PUBG Mobile World Champion. The announcement by James Yang, Senior Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports, has set the stage for an intense competition.

The 2024 PMGC joins the ranks of elite PUBG Mobile Esports events, further solidifying its position in the esports arena. Additionally, the PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO) in Brazil, with a $500,000 prize pool, highlights the expanding reach and increasing stakes in the competitive PUBG Mobile scene​​.

This event is not just about winning a championship; it shows how much people all around the world like PUBG Mobile Esports. It's a big deal because it proves that PUBG Mobile Esports is becoming more and more popular everywhere.