PGL Major Copenhagen Breaks Records, Becomes Third Most Watched CS Event

How PGL Major Copenhagen Became One of CS:GO's Biggest Esports Tournaments

PGL Major Copenhagen Breaks Records, Becomes Third Most Watched CS Event
Image Credits: PGL

The nail-biting PGL Major Copenhagen grand final solidified CS2's position as an esports titan. Peaking at 1.84 million viewers, it surpassed previous viewership giants like the BLAST Paris Major. But what truly drives the insane popularity of CS:GO Majors?  Let's dive into the factors behind their electrifying presence.

The recent Major saw legendary teams like NaVi and FaZe lock horns in a three-map showdown, an adrenaline-pumping experience that hasn't been seen for years. The potential for underdogs to triumph adds to the suspense, and long-standing rivalries fuel the competitive spirit. This blend is a recipe for viewership spikes.

CS2's reach is massively amplified by major streamers co-streaming the matches. Surprisingly, figures usually outside the CS:GO sphere – think xQc and Forsen – hopped on board this Major, attracting their vast, diverse audiences to the action.

Unlike some highly complex esports, CS2 boasts a  simpler set of rules. It's easy to understand the basic premise, which is crucial for drawing in casual viewers. This low barrier to entry encourages even newcomers to get engaged with the hype and excitement.

Shorter games due to the MR12 format might affect 'hours watched' stats, but the upside is non-stop, fast-paced matches. Add to that the years of iconic Counter-Strike events, and you have a legacy that keeps nostalgic fans returning for more.

Can CS2 Majors Shatter Even More Records?

While the Copenhagen Major couldn't quite topple Stockholm's record, the consistent million-plus viewerships are a victory for the scene. With CS:GO's rising popularity and the evolving esports landscape, even bigger viewership milestones might not be far off.

Most popular CS events of all time (peak viewership):

  • PGL Major Stockholm 2021 — 2,748,434 viewers
  • PGL Major Antwerp 2022 — 2,113,610 viewers
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 — 1,844,747 viewers
  • BLAST Paris Major 2023 — 1,528,724 viewers
  • IEM Rio Major 2022 — 1,428,993 viewers