Orangutan Gaming Disbands Entire VALORANT Roster

South Asia's esports scene is shaken as Orangutan officially dissolves its Valorant squad. Explore the team's journey, achievements, and the reactions to their disbandment.

Orangutan Gaming Disbands Entire VALORANT Roster
Image Credits: Screengrab via Orangutan Gaming

Orangutan has officially disbanded its entire Valorant roster. This decision marks the end of a chapter for a team that dominated the regional scene and captured the attention of fans across the globe.


Orangutan's Valorant team, known for its skill and teamwork, was a force to be reckoned with in the South Asian esports arena. Comprising remarkable talents - Sabyasachi "Antidote" Bose, Azis "azys" Nandang, Rafi "frostmind" Diandra, Mathanraj "THE DOCTOR" Munisparan, Akram "Rawfiul" Virani - and an insightful analyst Felipe "skyeSG" Lim, the team showcased exceptional performance throughout their tenure​​.


Their journey was marked by significant victories, as they clinched titles in some of the biggest regional Valorant tournaments such as Valorant Challengers 2023: South Asia Split 1 and 2, EMG Pro Series: South Asia, TEC Challenger Series 10, and many more. These achievements not only elevated Orangutan's status in the esports world but also brought immense pride to their fans and supporters​​.


Each member of Orangutan's Valorant team brought something unique to the table. SkyeSG, the coach and analyst from Singapore, was the longest-serving member, contributing significantly to the team's strategies and success. His 15-month tenure with the team was marked by dedication and ingenuity​​.


The core trio of the team - Antidote, Rawfiul, and azys - joined in January 2023 and played a pivotal role in Orangutan's dominance in the competitive season. Their synergy and in-game prowess were instrumental in the team's remarkable success​​.


The Doctor and frostmind, the more recent additions, also made notable contributions, with frostmind, in particular, helping the team maintain its top position in the region​​.


The disbandment of the team was met with an outpouring of positive sentiments from the players, reflecting a deep sense of gratitude and respect for their time with Orangutan. The overseas trio - azys, skyeSG, and frostmind - expressed their heartfelt thanks for the opportunity and the exceptional hospitality they received​​.


Antidote, too, shared his appreciation for the experience and candidly addressed the team's performance during VCT 2023: Ascension Pacific, acknowledging the setbacks while also expressing hope for the future​​.


Looking ahead, the dissolution of Orangutan's Valorant roster leaves fans and followers in anticipation of what the future holds for these skilled players. As the esports scene continually evolves, it remains to be seen where these talented individuals will take their talents next.