NRG Steps In for Rocket at American RMR After FACEIT Ban Shakes Competitive CS2 Scene

A Golden Opportunity for NRG Amidst Competitive Turmoil.

NRG Steps In for Rocket at American RMR After FACEIT Ban Shakes Competitive CS2 Scene
Image Credits: NRG CS2

PGL announced on February 22 that NRG would be taking Rocket's place in the American RMR. This decision was made just days after Rocket's player, Damian “EMIYA” Boulware, faced a ban on FACEIT for cheating. The situation escalated when EMIYA’s teammates, Ahmed “ayy” Mahmoud and Matthew “nero” Seymour, confessed that their coach had illegally communicated with them during matches in the RMR’s closed qualifier, a clear violation of the event's rulebook.


For NRG, this turn of events represents a golden opportunity for redemption. The organization, which made a high-profile return to the Counter-Strike scene in November 2023 with a star-studded North American roster, has struggled to find success. Despite boasting talents such as former Team Liquid AWPer oSee, coach daps, and notable players Brehze, HexT, and FaNg, NRG's journey has been fraught with challenges.


Their failure to qualify for the Copenhagen Major’s RMR and a disappointing run in the IEM Chengdu 2024 qualifiers highlighted the team's struggles. However, with this unexpected second chance, NRG has the opportunity to reset their trajectory and prove their mettle on the international stage.


The American RMR, set to begin on March 1 in Monterrey, Mexico, will be a critical battleground for NRG and other aspiring teams. With five spots at the Danish Major up for grabs, the competition promises to be fierce. For NRG, this is more than just a chance to compete; it's an opportunity to turn their season around and make a statement in the CS2 community.