NODWIN Gaming announces partnerships with Omen by HP, Hyundai, Philips, and Loco for Valorant Challengers South Asia Split 2

VCL SA Split 2 playoffs will be held from 1st June 2023 onwards.

NODWIN Gaming announces partnerships with Omen by HP, Hyundai, Philips, and Loco for Valorant Challengers South Asia Split 2
Image Credits: NODWIN Gaming

NODWIN Gaming has partnered with Omen by HP, Hyundai, Philips, and Loco for Split 2 of Valorant Challengers South Asia. Following the grand success of Split 1, which garnered a viewership of over 4.5 million, the playoff stage for Split 2 of the VCSA is set to kick off on June 1, in Delhi.

NODWIN Gaming is bolstering its collaboration with Omen by HP as the tournament’s Title partner, Hyundai as the Driven by partner, Philips as the Styling partner, and Loco as its Digital Broadcast partner. The joint objective of this mega collaboration is to leverage individual brand strengths and deliver high-quality esports entertainment. 

NODWIN Gaming's partnership with Omen, a name synonymous with gaming excellence and an ever-present entity in the global esports ecosystem, aims to bring forward a technological touchup in Split 2 of the VCSA. The competing teams now have added access to state-of-the-art gear, enabling them to best utilize their gaming prowess and deliver a thrilling esports experience to the Indian esports community. 

The much acclaimed Split 1 of the VCSA saw Orangutan Gaming pull off a dream run as they emerged undefeated and clinched the title after a convincing 3-0 grand final win over Gods Reign. 

Commenting on the Split 1 grand finals of the VCL SA , Akshat Rathee, Co-founder and Managing Director of NODWIN Gaming said, “First, our heartiest congratulations to Orangutan Gaming for winning Split 1 of the tournament. And to the Indian esports community, for making Split 1 such a huge success! We at NODWIN, along with our partners are striving to drive esports in India through our collaborated IPs. We aim to leverage our individual brand strengths and elevate the overall experience for the Indian esports community. Definitely a lot of work to be done but it is going to be an exciting journey for sure! We can assure Indian esports fanatics that the playoff stages for Split 2 is going to be even grander and filled with a lot more exhilarating moments.  There will surely be a lot of sparks flying with the best teams fighting it out for a spot in the Grand Finale!” 

If Split 1 of the VCL SA came as a testing ground, where professional esports athletes honed their skills and tested the opposition’s battle strategy, Split 2 is all set to be the final showdown. The VCSA Split 2 which comes with a prize pool of 100,000 USD and a spot at the VCT Ascension 2023: Pacific which will be held in Thailand, teams have more than enough motivation to triumph. 

Lineups have undergone roster changes, and with the introduction of a new competitor in Revenant Esports to the mix, Split 2 has already displayed an enhanced competitive edge. Such has been the level of competition in Split 2, a hugely popular esports outfit, and the Champions of the Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022, Velocity Gaming, has bowed out of the competition after their 2-0 defeat to Reckoning Esports.

Playoff stages for the Valorant Challengers South Asia are set to kick off on June 1, with Orangutan, Reckoning Esports, Revenant Esports, True Rippers Esports, Aster Army, and Gods Reign all set to battle it out for a spot in the grand finals.