Night Market is now back in VALORANT 

Remember, once you've revealed what's inside, you can't revert it.

Night Market is now back in VALORANT 
Image Credits: Riot Games

For the duration of the event, the Night. Market will cut rates on six items of cosmetic items. A tweet notes down that the event will run from 7th April to 20th April.

Night. Market was first seen in Dec 2020 while returned in February 2021 and now it's the third time that it has come back.

The event offers a total of six cards and after you've unveiled the cards in your Night. Market, it will not reset— you'll be offered six discounted individual products. The sum of the discount is determined by the item's rarity. Out of the six pieces displayed in their market, players are promised two Premium Edition items (costing 1775 RP).

The Night. Market is located in the rectangular card-like button on the game's top bar, right next to the 'Store' option.