GodLike Esports add haiVaan to VALORANT roster

GodLike Esports likely has a new main Sova.

Magnus Carlsen Named The Top Esports Earner In 2020

The Norwegian Chess Grand Master Tops the 2020 Esports Players Earnings List.

Vodafone Giants announce entry into VALORANT

This international roster consists of former Prodigy players and one from FunPlus Pheonix. 2.0 update to be pushed out by Blizzard

North America will be the first region to receive the update.

PGL to host next $2 Million CS:GO Major in Stockholm with...

Ericsson Globe, the indoor stadium with a capacity of 16,000 seats is the venue for the 16th CS:GO Major.

PUBG Mobile revenues over $177 million in December 2020

Honor of King takes the top spot in terms of revenue for the last month.

Galaxy Racer introduces Indian Free Fire Roster

The roster is led by arguably the best Free Fire player of 2020.

PS5 India pre-orders sold out in seconds, fans disappointed

The first pre-order sale was held at 12 PM IST on 12th of January

T1 reveals 2021 Overwatch roster

T1 has summed up a powerful all-in-all roster. announce Yearlong Esports Championship, Esportz...

An exciting yearlong open for all tournament format announced, engaging gamers from all genres. Completing the esports cycle from...

Team Liquid officially add Brazilian CS:GO Legend FalleN

FalleN will be serving as a dedicated AWPer.