New Counter-Strike 2 Map Inferno Leaked Online

The leaks resemble what Valve showed in the CS2 Maps launch trailer earlier.

New Counter-Strike 2 Map Inferno Leaked Online
Image Credits: Via @pDylan002 (Twitter)

Last night Valve made the decision to surprise gamers by updating Counter-Strike 2. It added a number of new features, such as the ability to examine grenades and two new maps, Nuke and Office. But the most perplexing thing was something else. One of the most significant maps, Inferno, has been updated and is included in the game files. The pictures were immediately leaked on the internet.

Views include both bomb sites, the T-spawn exit, and a stunning new church.  Although the church's location is unknown, it appears to be appropriate for what was formerly known as Construction. The profile of a building on B also suggests that this should be the location.

The previous redesign of Inferno took place about seven years ago and was launched in October 2016. Now, it appears that one of the most popular maps is getting a significant makeover.

Even though the A and B explosion zones are built relatively similarly, several components, including boxes, structures, and roofs, have altered. Additionally, several walls had their lengths or widths significantly altered. Additionally, one of the images reveals that the wall in the area known as the cemetery, behind which players frequently concealed after laying the charge, has entirely vanished.

The remains, which the CS community had called a church, also appear very different. The structure truly started to resemble a church in the updated form; the interior is considerably darker, and there are even stained-glass windows. It's difficult to imagine that Inferno, which millions of CS:GO gamers adored, has undergone a full redesign, and has retained the same graphic style.

It is worthwhile to note one more significant fact. One Twitter user discovered that the images from the updated Inferno match what Valve displayed in the movie concerning the CS2 maps. Players are now completely persuaded that this is how the new Inferno in CS2 will appear thanks to this making the leak legitimate.