National Creators Awards 2024's Best Creators in Gaming

Spotlighting the Gaming Innovators: The Trailblazers Nominated for Excellence

National Creators Awards 2024's Best Creators in Gaming
Image Credits: Government of India

The National Creators Awards 2024 steps into this vibrant world, introducing a category exclusively for the gaming virtuosos who've significantly impacted this industry. This article delves into the prestigious "Best Creator in Gaming" category, highlighting the nominees and the unique contributions they bring to the digital table.


The National Creators Awards 2024 has unveiled its nominees for the "Best Creator in Gaming" category, a lineup that reads like a who's who of the gaming content creation world. These individuals are not just gamers; they are storytellers, innovators, and community builders who have enriched the gaming landscape with their creativity and passion.


  • Nishay Malan (Triggered Insaan): Known for his engaging content and dynamic gaming strategies.
  • Hitesh Khangta (YesSmartyPie): A creator who combines humour with gaming insights, captivating a wide audience.
  • Ajendra Variya (Total Gaming): Renowned for his expertise in gameplay and tactical analysis.
  • Naman Mathur (Mortal): A proponent of mobile gaming, Mortal has brought competitive gaming to the forefront in India.
  • Aaditya Sawant (Dynamo Gaming): With his immersive streams, Dynamo has become a household name among gaming enthusiasts.
  • Shagufta Iqbal (Xyaa): A trailblazer for female gamers, Xyaa balances competitive gameplay with engaging narratives.
  • Ujjwal Chaurasia (Techno Gamerz): Known for his storytelling within games, Techno Gamerz offers a unique blend of entertainment and gaming.
  • Anshu Bisht (GamerFleet): GamerFleet stands out for his interactive streams and community engagement.
  • Tanmay Singh (ScoutOP): A competitive gamer who shares insights and strategies, elevating the gaming conversation.


The inclusion of a gaming category in the National Creators Awards underscores the pivotal role gaming content creators play in shaping digital entertainment and culture.