New MLBB Hero Zhu Xin Leak: Powerful Mage with Knock-Up Combos

Discover Zhu Xin, the rumored new mage hero in MLBB, featuring unique knock-up abilities, stunning Chinese aesthetics, and game-changing combos. Learn about her skills and potential impact on the MLBB meta.

New MLBB Hero Zhu Xin Leak: Powerful Mage with Knock-Up Combos
Image Credits: Screengrab via Kazuki Official (YouTube)

MLBB players are excited about the new rumor that is buzzing with the latest leak from data miners unveiling a new hero, Zhu Xin. This new addition appears to carve a niche for herself with a unique blend of abilities, aesthetics, and gameplay dynamics that are sure to excite fans and players of this beloved MOBA game.


Zhu Xin is rumored to be a mage, a class known for their ability to cast powerful spells to control the battlefield and decimate enemies from afar. Her kit emphasizes knock-up effects, a form of crowd control that temporarily lifts enemies off the ground, rendering them helpless. This mechanic is not only disruptive but when paired with Zhu Xin's other abilities, can lead to some of the most overpowered combos in MLBB's history.


Her design is described as a captivating homage to Chinese aesthetics, with her lantern weapon surrounded by a flutter of butterflies. This visual motif not only adds a layer of cultural richness to the game but also underscores the mystical and ethereal qualities inherent to Zhu Xin's character​​​​.


Zhu Xin's Abilities


Zhu Xin's skill set is ingeniously crafted to synergize with her knock-up focus. Her Passive Skill, "Soul Lamps," accumulates stacks that, upon reaching a threshold, can knock up enemies, serving as the cornerstone of her disruptive potential. Her first skill allows her to cast her lantern in a targeted direction, damaging enemies within an Area of Effect (AoE) and providing Soul Lamp stacks. This skill can be cast again to move the Soul Lamp to a target location, showcasing a layer of strategic depth and positional tactics.


Her second skill plants a flower that blooms to damage enemies and, if they're knocked up by her other abilities, drags them to the center, setting the stage for devastating combos. Zhu Xin's Ultimate skill unleashes a large AoE attack that adds Soul Lamp stacks, culminating in a knock-up effect at full stacks. This arsenal of abilities promises to introduce a fresh dynamic to the game, emphasizing crowd control, area denial, and team fight orchestration​​.


Zhu Xin's introduction into MLBB could significantly shift the game's meta, particularly in how team fights and engagements are approached. Her ability to control the battlefield with knock-up effects and draw enemies into predetermined kill zones could make her a valuable asset in team compositions focused on area control and burst damage. Furthermore, her aesthetic and thematic design enrich the game's diverse roster, adding another layer of depth and strategy to MLBB's already intricate gameplay.