‘Medieval’ to be the theme for Fall Guys Season 2

Season two will be available this fall.

‘Medieval’ to be the theme for Fall Guys Season 2
Image Credits: Mediatonic Games & Devolver Digital

The insanely cute battle royale which rose to the top at the popularity in no time and to the fans of it, Mediatonic has now confirmed the Season 2 update to go live by fall - October. The word was out on the Opening Night Live at the virtual Gamescom 2020 event.

The update is set to add a Middle Ages tinge to the vibe of the game. Currently having rainbow candy-like environments with your jelly bean dressed as Chicken, Cactus or French fries' bag, the update will add a medieval theme to all of it, be it the surroundings or character. Now, it’s not long until your jelly will be able to dress as a Wizard, Knight or even a Dragon.

Aboard the part of the season 2 update, it will also bring new mini-games of the same theme - medieval. Integrated elements like wooden bridges, castle walls and turrets but trust me every piece looks really cute as seen in the sneak-peek preview released by the developer.