LEGO Offers Free LEGO Love Gift Box for Valentine's Day Purchases

Get a free LEGO Love Gift Box with purchases over $75 this Valentine's Day. The set includes a cute Shiba Inu and customizable features to make your gift special.

LEGO Offers Free LEGO Love Gift Box for Valentine's Day Purchases
Image Credits: LEGO

As Valentine's Day approaches, LEGO presents a charming offer to celebrate love in a unique and fun way. The brand introduces the LEGO Love Gift Box, a delightful set to gift the LEGO enthusiast in your life. When you make a LEGO purchase of $75 or more, you receive this special set for free, adding a playful touch to your Valentine's gesture.


The LEGO Love Gift Box is a compact yet heartwarming set, consisting of 159 pieces. It's designed to be a quick and enjoyable build, perfect for a Valentine's Day activity. The centerpiece is a cute Shiba Inu dog, adorably reimagined in LEGO form, sitting inside a brick-built gift box.


The set is adorned with a heart-shaped chocolate box, a LEGO balloon, and flowers, creating a scene that exudes affection and care.


LEGO goes a step further by allowing the personalization of this gift. The set includes options for different eyes for the Shiba Inu and two sticker messages, "Love" (with a heart symbol) and "I love you", to convey your feelings in a playful yet heartfelt manner.


The completed model has a neat presence, measuring four inches in height, two inches in width, and depth, making it a perfect display piece to remind your loved one of this special day.