LoL Patch 14.3: Vanguard Anti-Cheat System Delayed Amid Privacy Concerns

The latest 14.3 patch for League of Legends brings buffs, nerfs, and new Heavenscale skins. However, the delay of the Vanguard anti-cheat system has ignited discussions over privacy and the future of modding.

LoL Patch 14.3: Vanguard Anti-Cheat System Delayed Amid Privacy Concerns
Image Credits: Riot Games

League of Legends has introduced the 14.3 patch which has stirred up the community with a mix of excitement and concern. Among the updates, buffs, nerfs, and the dazzling new Heavenscale skins, the mention of the Vanguard anti-cheat system in the patch notes caught everyone's eye, but not entirely for the reasons one might expect. Riot Games has announced a delay in the deployment of Vanguard in LoL, sparking a wave of discussions and debates among the game's fans.


Vanguard represents Riot Games' ambitious step toward eliminating cheating in "League of Legends." This system isn't just any anti-cheat software; it's a tool designed to provide deep-level PC access to monitor for cheats, a decision that has divided the community. Critics label Vanguard as overly intrusive, likening it to 'spy software' due to its potential access to personal information, despite Riot's assurances to the contrary.


The controversy doesn't end there. Vanguard's operation extends beyond game time, running in the background even when LoL isn't active. This aspect raises privacy concerns and spells trouble for the vibrant modding community, threatening the end of custom skins and maps that have long been a part of the game's culture.


Despite these drawbacks, the purpose of Vanguard is clear: to create a fair play environment by rooting out scripters and cheaters. The promise of a cleaner, more competitive ranked scene is an appealing prospect for many players, highlighting the complex balance Riot aims to strike between security and player freedom.


Initially slated for release in Update 14.4, Vanguard's debut has been pushed back due to unforeseen bugs encountered during testing. These diagnostic checks have unearthed issues that Riot's team is diligently working to resolve.


As a result, the launch has been postponed to patch 14.5, expected to roll out on March 6th. This decision, while disappointing to some, underscores Riot's commitment to ensuring Vanguard's integration is as smooth and problem-free as possible.