Karmine Corp to Replace Head Coach Following Disastrous LEC Winter Performance

Karmine Corp reportedly plans to replace head coach YamatoCannon with assistant coach Reha after a disappointing debut in the LEC Winter Season.

Karmine Corp to Replace Head Coach Following Disastrous LEC Winter Performance
Image Credits: RiotGames

Karmine Corp (KCorp) has made a decisive move that's set the LoL esports community surprised. The French organization, fresh off a challenging debut in the LEC Winter Split 2024, announced a significant alteration to its coaching lineup. Head coach Jakob "YamatoCanon" Mebdi, a name synonymous with strategic acumen, finds himself on the bench, replaced by Rehareha "Reha" Ramanana.


This shuffle comes on the heels of a debut season that KCorp would rather forget, marked by a mere two victories that led to a disappointing 10th-place finish.


KCorp's decision to bench YamatoCanon is not just about changing faces but signals a deeper strategic realignment. New head coach Reha isn't stepping into uncharted territory; he'll have the support of a staff well-versed in the tribulations and triumphs of the Winter Split.


Yet, the choice to sideline YamatoCanon, a coach known for his ability to nurture talent, has raised eyebrows across the esports landscape. The team's commitment remains unwavering – to rise from the ashes of a disappointing season, even if it means making tough decisions.


The LoL esports community is nothing if not vocal, and this coaching change has certainly given pundits and fans plenty to talk about. Former Team BDS coach Fabian "GrabbZ" Lohmann took a jibe at the decision, while ex-pro and content creator Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera pointed out the seeming haste in replacing a coach who had been at the helm for a mere nine games.