Jonathan Says NO to Retirement After Godlike Misses BMPS Finals

Jonathan talks about his retirement rumors in his latest Instagram post.

Jonathan Says NO to Retirement After Godlike Misses BMPS Finals
Image Credits: Red Bull India

2023 has been a year of ups and downs for Team GodLike in the competitive arena of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Following their unexpected exclusion from the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 Grand Finals, Jonathan "Johnny" Amaral, a prominent figure in the BGMI community, responded with a message of resilience.


In an Instagram post addressing his fans, Jonathan dispelled any rumors of retirement, instead reaffirming his dedication to the esports journey. His words reflected a steadfast resolve to continue striving for success, undeterred by the recent setback​​.


Jonathan described the season as a "roller coaster" for both himself and the team. The challenges faced were significant, yet Jonathan's outlook remained positive. This attitude was evident in his reflections on their performance during the BMPS 2023 League Stages.


Although the team secured two Chicken Dinners, their efforts fell short of qualifying for the Grand Finals. Despite this, Jonathan's emphasis on the unwavering support from fans suggests a hopeful perspective for the future and a hint at a potential resurgence in the coming season​​.


GodLike Esports' Reflection and Future Prospects


The overall journey of GodLike Esports in 2023 has been tumultuous. Despite winning a single tournament and having varied rankings – 14th on a third-party leaderboard, 34th officially, and 17th overall as of late November – the team has shown resilience. Their journey included a high of finishing runner-up in the BGMI Masters Series 2022, but also lows, such as a 42nd position in June. Notably, after claiming victory in the IQOO Pro Series, the team experienced a series of lower placements in subsequent tournaments.


However, signs of improvement were visible towards the end of the year, with placements in the top 10. This narrative paints a picture of a team capable of bouncing back, raising the question of their potential success in the 2024 competitive scene​​.


Team Formation and Its Impact


An important factor to consider is the team's formation just before the BMPS. This timing was highlighted by GodLike Esports on their Instagram as a major reason for their challenges during the league stage. It underscores the difficulties of building team synergy and strategy in a short time, especially in a highly competitive environment like BMPS. The team's acknowledgment of their shortcomings, coupled with confidence in future achievements, indicates a learning curve and a commitment to growth​​.