iQOO India League Cancelled Due to Technical Glitches

Technical Difficulties Lead to Abrupt Cancellation, Disappointing Fans and Players

iQOO India League Cancelled Due to Technical Glitches
Image Credits: iQOO

The iQOO India League, organized by XO Esports in collaboration with iQOO, was poised to be a landmark event in the Indian esports calendar. However, the excitement was short-lived. On the very first day, technical issues led to the cancellation of the day's matches. Optimism remained high among the teams and the audience, with hopes that the second day would proceed smoothly. Unfortunately, the technical gremlins persisted, leading to the complete cancellation of the event.


Despite the challenges, there was a brief moment of excitement when one match was successfully streamed live, featuring GodLike Esports clinching the Chicken Dinner with over 100,000 concurrent viewers. This momentary success showcased the event's potential and the audience's eagerness for competitive gaming action. However, the joy was short-lived as the stream ceased, and no further matches were conducted.


In the wake of the technical debacle, iQOO Esports took to Instagram, advising fans not to attend the event, signaling the severity of the issues at hand. Reports from sources close to revealed that players and teams were initially asked to wait in hopes of resolving the technical difficulties.


This period of uncertainty culminated in the decision to cancel the event entirely. The cancellation was a significant blow to everyone involved, from the players who had prepared extensively to the fans who had eagerly anticipated the competition.


The cancellation of the iQOO India League has raised questions about the preparedness and resilience of esports event infrastructure in India. For XO Esports, organizing their first event and facing such a setback could be a learning curve, emphasizing the need for robust technical support and contingency planning.