India Launches National Creators Award 2024

The Government of India introduces the National Creators Award 2024, celebrating digital creators across gaming, esports, and more for their societal impact. Learn about the categories, eligibility, and how to nominate.

India Launches National Creators Award 2024
Image Credits: MyGov India

The Indian Government has unveiled the National Creators Award 2024, a groundbreaking initiative designed to recognize and elevate influential figures within the digital creation realm, including those in gaming and esports. This award is set to serve as a symbol of encouragement for the creative individuals leading societal innovation and change throughout the country.


Acknowledging the significant role digital creators play in molding cultural dialogues, fostering community connections, and impacting social change, the award aims to showcase the crucial influence of these content creators in transforming societal values and inspiring a positive shift.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his admiration for the influence digital content has on the nation, emphasizing the potential for even greater impact, as per the award's official website.


The initiative intends to harness creative talents for the greater good, bringing together creators, industry leaders, and government representatives to spark a societal transformation and drive a national campaign during the 'Amrit Kaal' period.


The National Creators Award 2024 will feature 20 diverse categories, recognizing exceptional contributions across various fields. These categories include awards for gaming, storytelling, innovation, and social change.


The award has established clear eligibility criteria to ensure fairness, requiring creators to be 18 or older and to have published content on approved digital platforms. Participants can nominate themselves in up to three categories, open to Indian nationals and international digital creators.


The selection process involves thoroughly evaluating nominations based on creativity, impact, and other relevant criteria by a panel of experts, with winners determined through jury assessments and public voting.


By spotlighting the influential role of digital content creators, the National Creators Award 2024 seeks to empower a new generation of innovators to continue fostering positive societal evolution. This initiative underscores the increasing significance of digital content in shaping public opinion and societal norms.