India among the regions to receive a slot for Overwatch World Cup 2023

2023 is an interesting year for Overwatch fans around the world.

India among the regions to receive a slot for Overwatch World Cup 2023
Image Credits: Blizzard

As Blizzard revealed in December of last year, the Overwatch World Cup will return this year. After a three-year break, the fifth Overwatch World Cup is again searching for a new champion. The last champions, the United States, were crowned in 2019.

Along with Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand, India is one of those invited and has earned a position in Group B of the Asia-Pacific Conference.

This time, the competition will also feature participants from Asia-Pacific nations Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Three conferences, each with two distinct groupings of six nations and areas were chosen based on Overwatch 2 demographic statistics, and will make up the Overwatch World Cup in 2023.

World Cup Trials will be held in each participating nation and area over three weekends in February (Feb. 10–12, Feb. 17–19, and Feb. 24–26). Additional team tryouts will be organised by competition committees in March, and a team of seven players will be chosen in April.

The Three Conferences divided are as follows: 




Canada Argentina
Costa Rica Brazil
Guatemala Chile
Mexico Colombia
Puerto Rico Ecuador
United States Peru


Europe and Middle East



Belgium germany
France Norway
Great Britain Poland
Italy Saudi Arabia
Netherlands Sweden
Spain Turkey





Chinese Taipei Australia
Hong Kong India
Indonesia Malaysia
Japan  New Zealand
Philippines Singapore
South Korea Thailand

A Wild Card Challenge also allows for the participation of an additional 4 nations in the World Cup Trials or Online Qualifier Stage. On February 1st, 2023, the nations who will be Wild Card Entrants will be announced. It's going to be a significant year for Overwatch with Blizzard bringing back the whole World Cup and with more nations competing than before.