Hollywood Star Asa Butterfield: An Avid Dota Player is now a part of Team Liquid

He is not just skilled as an Actor but on the keyboard as well.

Hollywood Star Asa Butterfield: An Avid Dota Player is now a part of Team Liquid
Image Credits: Team Liquid

Widely known for his appearance on screen, the English actor which rose to fame back in 2008 for the role of Bruno in the Holocaust film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Since then he has played the leading role in other blockbuster films such as Ender’s Game, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Hugo. In recent times, Asa also played the lead role of Otis in the Netflix Original series Sex Education.

The professional esports organisation Team Liquid announced on twitter that the famous actor has now joined the Liquid family. The announcement didn't actually reveal what will be Asa’s role in the organisation but did mention that ”if we ever need a sub for dota or smash, you're getting a call”.

Butterfield has streamed Smash and Dota 2 in past on his Twitch Channel and he will likely be creating content around it for Team Liquid.

Asa Butterfield & Dota 2:

With getting signed on Team Liquid, the actor has updated his twitter Bio with ”actor, cat dad, and shittiest Dota player on @teamliquid”.

We did some digging and figured that Asa’s neverending love story with Dota ranges from the year 2012 and since then there are numerous cites for the game on his social networks. Not just that, he is a very good friend of William ”Blitz” Lee for years now, the ex-pro Dota 2 player and current coach of Team Liquid. Apparently, from the looks of it that is what brings Asa to Team Liquid as well.

Asa has a stint of showing his love towards Dota 2. With a screenshot, he shared on his Twitter last year shows that 23-year-old Actor is been actively playing Dota for since 15 years of his age.

Asa has also been a fan of Team Liquid for years now. Thanks to a Reddit archive by u/lokaldes from two years ago, which shows Asa wearing Team Liquid jersey back in time as well.

Not just that, Asa showed up on the talent desk at ESL One Birmingham in 2019 where he gave a short analysis on a game of EG vs PSG.LGD alongside Redeye, TeaGuvnor, and Capitalist which can be found here.

We can't wait to know what will be the role of Asa Butterfield at Team Liquid, in the meantime all we can do is wait.