Head coach Homme parts ways with JD Gaming

Homme steps down after a quarterfinal exit at 2020 Worlds by JD Gaming.

Head coach Homme parts ways with JD Gaming
Image Credits: LoL Esports

JD Gaming has parted ways with Yoon "Homme" Sung-young after two years of tenure, the organisation announced in a Twitter post. 

Homme has played a pivotal role in the course of the last two years in terms of the team's development. JDG has made to consecutive LPL finals and also, most recently qualified for the Worlds 2020 Championship. 

Heading into the recently concluded 2020 League of Legends Worlds Championship, JDG was one of the top-dog going into the premier event. However, during the knockout stage, they fell short dropping to Suning failing to adapt to the meta. 

After over two years of extraordinary contribution to JDG, our head coach will be stepping down from his position,” the org said today. “We wish nothing but the best for Homme and you will always be a part of the JDG family.

It all started for Homme in his homeland of South Korea and now cutting ties with JDG he's likely to return home. No word has been given out by Homme what are his next moves, if he's going to retire or continue coaching is still a question.