Goblin departs Team Soul

Harsh 'Goblin' Paudwal, a renowned BGMI athlete, has announced his departure from Team Soul, marking an end to his impactful tenure and beginning a new chapter in his esports career.

Goblin departs Team Soul
Image Credits: Soul Goblin (Instagram)

Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal has announced his departure from Team Soul, a move that came shortly after the exit of teammates Omega, Akshat, Hector, and Neyoo. Goblin's decision, revealed through his Instagram channel, marks the end of his successful stint with the popular Indian esports organization. He expressed gratitude to his supporters in a heartfelt message, "I am no more a part of Team Soul. Thank you for always supporting me, You guys mean a lot to me."

Goblin, who first gained recognition in 2021 with Team Insane, joined Team Soul in March 2022. His arrival was a major highlight, particularly during the inaugural BMPS. He was a key player in BMPS Season 1 and ranked as the second-best player in BMPS Season 2.

The departure of these players opens a new chapter for Team Soul. Thug, the co-owner of S8UL, mentioned in a live-stream that they were in talks with Goblin about his future. The team is contemplating incorporating new players into their BGMI lineup, with rumors circulating about possibly signing the reigning BMPS champions, Blind Esports. However, no official announcements have been made yet​​.

Meanwhile, the former Team Soul members - Omega, Hector, Akshat, and Neyoo - have declared their intention to continue playing together in the upcoming season, though their new organizational affiliation is yet to be revealed.