Global Esports reveals Indian Fortnite roster on Esports This Week

Ash, Yoitsmee, and Hypertropher have a new home.

Global Esports reveals Indian Fortnite roster on Esports This Week
Image Credits: Global Esports

Global Esports (GE) is an Indian esports organisation that has presented local as well as international rosters across multiple titles. The organisation has tasted success multiple times - securing the third spot at PUBG Mobile Club Open, becoming the World Record holder for highest score at the Fortnite World Cup, representing as Team India at the Overwatch World Cup 2019, and also their female roster of GE.Rayne finished second at Legion Of Valkyries CS:GO tournament in Thailand.

Due to pandemic most of the rosters are sent to pause-mode and GE was seen sticking to two segments in recent times - VALORANT and PUBG Mobile. Their VALORANT team has become of the best teams the country has to offer while the new PUBG Mobile roster announced last December awaits for the game to return to get back in action.

'Esports This Week' is a show hosted by Global Esports where the Chief Operating Officer, Rahul Hinduja gives the audience a synopsis of everything that happened in the week. In today's episode, the organisation has taken curtains off the latest roster featuring Fortnite that will be fielding under the brand name.


Global Esports' Fortnite roster: 


  • Ashmit "Ash" Bindra 
  • Shaun "Yoitsmee" Pille
  • Param "Hypertropher" Khanna


The all-new Indian GE Fortnite roster has been playing together for quite a while before being acquired. Only last month, the trio made it to the semi-finals of Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 5 Qualifiers 2 & 3 - Middle East. They will be continuing their Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) chapters on the wing of Global Esports from here on. 

The latest public release from GE shows the organisation's commitment to nurturing Indian talents. "Fortnite Esports has created a very high level of competition across the globe and even in India, there are hundreds of young athletes training to make a mark internationally and we at Global Esports felt that it’s time to support these Indian Fortnite players who need that push to get to the next level," said the release. 

This is GE's second attempt to dive into the world of Fortnite. The first was in 2018 when the organisation acquired the Korean squad. The roster then streamlined to take down giants like Cloud9 at Fortnite Korea Open whilst securing second and third placings. They also bagged in a ticket to Melbourne for Australia Open 2019 and became the World Record holder for the highest score at the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers as we said above.