GameStop glitch makes several Games go free and Nintendo Switch to sell for $4

GameStop actually gave "Power To The Players".

GameStop glitch makes several Games  go free and Nintendo Switch to sell for $4
Image Credits: GameStop

A glitch on GameStop's Official website made numerous games become available for 100% discount or close to it. The glitch not only affected to consoles but also gaming accessories. A notable one was, a few of the customers were able to bag in the Nintendo Switch Console at the price of only $4.30. However, the glitch has been fixed.

The lucky Switch buyer who goes by the name Online Game Player has posted an update regarding the purchase, "Small update: 10 hours later no cancelation notice yet. Credit has the shipping charge posted. Order status has changed to "Awaiting Product Availability though which I see as an ominous sign." "

The glitch was first spotted by Cheap Ass Gamer who noticed that the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guardian Deluxe Console Case was listed for free on the official website of GameStop. He further hovered on to other categories and noticed that it wasn't only for the case, several other products were available at a dirt-cheap rate or almost free. 

Nevertheless, for the people wondering about the ones who were able to snatch these deals - will they get their purchases honoured is still a question. GameStop hasn't given a word out on it yet either. In the past times when such scenarios have happened, some retailers did ship out purchases whereas most of them did not. It will be completely in GameStop's decision. We will be needing to wait to end the curiosity.