GameSquare Acquires FaZe Clan

GameSquare and FaZe Clan's Strategic Union to Innovate Gaming and Media Worlds

GameSquare Acquires FaZe Clan

GameSquare has completed its acquisition of FaZe Clan. This acquisition marks a pivotal moment for both entities, promising to reshape the landscape of gaming and digital media engagement.


The buzz around GameSquare's interest in acquiring FaZe Clan began circulating in June 2023, following a report by Sports Business Journal. This report hinted at GameSquare's potential involvement with FaZe Clan amidst its financial challenges, alongside other interested parties like Enthusiast Gaming.


By October, GameSquare was confirmed as the prospective buyer, with expectations to finalize the deal by year's end. However, the completion timeline extended into February, culminating in the official announcement this week.


Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare, expressed enthusiasm over the merger, highlighting its significance in revolutionizing the gaming and media sectors. 


FaZe Clan, renowned for its dominance in the Counter-Strike arena, is gearing up to compete in the upcoming Counter-Strike 2 Major in Copenhagen, Denmark. This event is eagerly anticipated by fans and represents a significant opportunity for FaZe Clan to showcase its prowess under the new GameSquare banner.