Gamer MortaL and MG Motor Join Forces to Launch the Smart EV Comet in India

Collision two different universes: Gaming & Automotive.

Gamer MortaL and MG Motor Join Forces to Launch the Smart EV Comet  in India
Image Credits: Screengrab via MortaL (Instagram)

For its upcoming Smart EV Comet, MG Motor India has announced a collaboration with India's famed gamer Naman "MortaL"  Mathur from S8UL (Merger of 8BIT and Soul Esports). This collaboration also represents a continuance of MG's tech-first approach, as seen by industry-leading initiatives like as MG Xpert, Epay, MG VPhy NFT, and MGVerse. As MG Motor India and MortaL embark on a quest to reimagine the possibilities of design and technology integration, expect to see the convergence of two different universes.

Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motor India said on the occasion, “As an auto tech brand, we have always introduced industry-leading technology across our product portfolio. Through this partnership with MortaL we are working on something truly incredible which is sure to bring alive the fun and tech proposition of our upcoming Smart EV Comet. We believe this collaboration will resonate with both the gaming and automotive communities.”
Naman Mathur, aka MortaL, added, "I'm beyond excited to be collaborating with MG Motor! As a gamer myself who's also passionate about cars, this announcement really hits close to home for me. I know how much the gaming community values unique and stylish products, and I have no doubt that Comet will deliver just that. It's amazing to see a brand like MG recognizing the significance of gaming and making an effort to cater to this growing demographic. I can't wait to see what they have in store, and this really is a close-to-heart collaboration.”

With its distinctive Auto-Tech concept, MG Motor has always prioritised improving the mobility experience. The new Comet EV, which is cutting-edge and intelligent to satisfy urban transportation needs, is poised to upend the EV market in India. 

Two battery sizes are available for the EV in international markets: a 17.3 kWh and a 26.7 kWh LFP pack. The 40-horsepower power output is the same for both battery packs. The larger battery, on the other hand, has a range of 300 km, and the version with the smaller battery has a range of 200 km. What might be offered in India is still up in the air. With its Auto-Tech offering, MG Motor is focusing on improving the mobility experience. Although the techies won't have to wait long because, according to Autocar India, the Comet EV will be available in India on April 19th and will cost between Rs 10-12 lakh ex-showroom.

Moreover, In contrast to FY2022's 458,746 units, FY2023's 11,71,944 units represent a significant 155 percent year-over-year rise, highlighting the spike in consumer demand for EVs in the face of high gas and diesel prices as well as CNG.