Galaxy Racer Qualifies for PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia Season 1 Grand Finals

Grand Finals begin on the 10th of June.

Galaxy Racer Qualifies for PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia Season 1 Grand Finals
Image Credits: Galaxy Racer

Galaxy Racer unveiled their new lineup in April, and it was immediately put to the test on a major stage, such as PMPL Arabia in less than a month. Galaxy Racer began their PMPL Arabia voyage on May 17th and thrived over the following three weeks, competing against other best teams to reach the event's Grand Finals.

Gunz Esports won the regular season with solid 9 chicken dinners in favour, topping the leaderboard with 549 points. Galaxy Racer was far off on the 12th position with 247 points and 128 kills.

Despite their mediocre performance, GXR made it to the top 16 and has now qualified for the Grand Finals. The crew now has only a few days to prepare before the event's final chapter begins on June 10th. The roster is still young, and it will take some time for it to develop. Last month, the organisation brought in coach Aurum to help the club.

GXR now knows what other qualifying teams are bringing, and will most likely spend the days leading up to the grand finals devising a counter strategy for winning.

The Grand Finals feature a total prize pool of $55,000 and top 5 teams further qualify for EMEA Championship. 

List of teams qualified for PMPL Arabia Grand Finals:

1• Gunz Esports – 549 Points

2• Rico Infinity Team – 391 Points

3• Alpha Legends – 389 Points

4• NASR Esports – 369 Points

5• Road To Glory – 367 Points

6• Falcons Esports – 334 Points

7• iKURD E-SPORTS – 273 Points

8• SCYTES ESPORTS – 270 Points

9• SUDOR ESPORTS – 269 Points

10• YaLLa Esports – 260 Points

11• REAL TIGER9 – 253 Points

12• Galaxy Racer – 247 Points

13• Hotline Esports – 233 Points

14• FATE Esports – 222 Points

15• RAAD ESPORTS – 182 Points

16• THE Snipers – 137 Points